Advancing Health Equity Interactive - A Guide for Leaders

PA leaders must be intentional in embedding health equity within their organizations. They can demonstrate how it can positively impact the organization’s bottom line. PAs should use their access to the C-suite to make a business case for stakeholders to understand the importance of embedding equity throughout the organization. Relegating health equity and antiracism work to the human resources department is insufficient. A study released by Accenture on March 15, 2022, showed that 93% of healthcare executives believe health equity is important and 86% believe it is a core part of their business strategy. However, only 36% have dedicated budgets for health equity work. Our job as leaders within the profession is to push our organizations to increase equity by establishing a system of accountability with measurable outcomes of health equity. This activity explores the steps PA leaders should take to make this dream a reality.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify how health equity positively impacts the organization's bottom line
  • Create a business case for stakeholders' buy-in
  • Apply health equity frameworks to embed equity within the organization’s structure
  • Establish a system of accountability with measurable outcomes in health equity