Research 101 CME Series

The Research 101 CME Series for PAs and PA students is designed to provide an understanding of the importance of research and how it is fundamental to the long-term support of the profession. This series will unfold over the next three years and will include topics on why research is important, types of research PAs are involved in, education on the fundamentals of research, and other special topics to enhance participants skills.

The videos in the series may be watched in any order and any number may be watched and rewatched as needed.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of these activities, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of research for the PA profession
  • Reflect on the ways that research improves patient care and clinical outcomes
  • Recommend ways for PAs to use and get involved in research
  • Summarize the variety of ways PAs may become involved in research
  • Identify the basics of a research project from developing a plan through analysis
  • Recommend resources for research supports, such as data sets, for PA-focused research
  • Establish a foundation for a personal course of research

Available Now

The Importance of Research to Advance the PA Profession
FEATURED» Increasing Your Knowledge through All of Us: Secondary Clinical Data for Research and Clinical Work
The Art of Medical Writing: Roadmap to Publication
Peer Reviewing for PA Journals

Coming in July

Establishing a Personal Research Agenda
Plotting the Future: Highlighting the National PA Research Agenda
How to Write a Strong Conference Proposal