JAAPA CME Post-Test January 2023

Lung Cancer Screening in Primary Care

This activity reviews the evidence supporting low-dose CT to screen for lung cancer, and the risks, costs, and challenges of implementing broad-based screening for eligible patients. Increased familiarity with lung cancer screening guidelines by primary care and specialty clinicians presents an opportunity to improve lung cancer screening rates and to save lives from the most common cause of cancer death in the United States.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss recommendations for lung cancer screening
  • Discuss essential information to include in a shared decision-making visit, including benefits and risks of lung cancer screening
  • Review the underuse of lung cancer screening in the United States
  • Describe the recommended follow-up and management of screening low-dose CT results

Early Identification of Lyme Disease Complications

Complications of Lyme disease including Lyme arthritis, Lyme carditis, and Lyme neuroborreliosis, typically occur during the early disseminated and late phases of the disease. Clinicians must maintain a high index of suspicion so they can recognize and treat complications promptly. Early treatment with appropriate antibiotics often leads to improved clinical outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the incidence of Lyme disease as well as common complications of untreated Lyme disease
  • Identify the common manifestations of Lyme carditis, Lyme arthritis, and Lyme neuroborreliosis
  • Describe the available diagnostic and treatment options

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