Leading Effectively in Conflict: Mindful & Relational Strategies

Conflict is normal within teams and provides an opportunity for creativity and growth. Approaching challenges and differences with mindfulness will empower us as leaders to engage effectively. We will explore the 5 fundamental conflict engagement styles and the relative benefits of each, supporting participants in determining which is their default style. Participants are encouraged to bring a conflictual case from their own work to practice applying a mindfulness approach. We will explore the ARTful (Ask-Respond-Tell) strategy of conflict engagement through humble inquiry, then empathic reflection, followed by sharing our own perspective with a focus on shared goals.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify common points of conflict in health care teams
  • Name 5 fundamental conflict styles and the relative benefits of each
  • Mindfully reflect on own default conflict style at work and apply tools for engaging with skills
  • Consider hierarchy within healthcare teams and learn strategies for establishing psychological safety and effective partnership
  • ARTfully approach systematically with an Ask (humble inquiry), active listening, Response (empathic reflection), and then Tell (sharing your perspective)