JAAPA CME Post-Test September 2021

Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines: An Update
Cervical cancer screening practices in the United States have been inefficient, with variable screening rates. Some women are screened too frequently, overmanaged, lost to follow-up, or are at risk and should be screened but are not. Timely screening, identification, and management of abnormal cervical cells is vital in order to prevent progression to cervical cancer. Educating, counseling, screening, and offering the human papillomavirus vaccine continue to be the primary methods of cervical cancer prevention practices. Guidelines and primary screening methods have been updated because of supporting evidence, and clinicians must stay up-to-date in order to provide effective patient care.

ICU Survivorship: What PAs Need to Know
The number of people surviving critical illnesses is larger than ever. Many of these patients will rely on PAs to facilitate their care after discharge from the ICU. As a result, PAs must be able to recognize and treat the numerous short- and long-term challenges this vulnerable population faces, especially given the recent surge of critically ill patients resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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