JAAPA CME Post-Test April 2021

Optimizing the Management of Inpatient Cardiac Arrest
Cardiac arrest is a common event in the inpatient setting, and although attempts have been made to simplify the approach to its management via systemwide training in CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, significant challenges remain in implementing these guidelines in the management of cardiac arrest.

On the Hunt for a Cure: A Guide to Huntington Disease
Huntington disease is a rare genetic disorder characterized by motor, cognitive, and psychiatric impairments. Although the typical patient has a positive family history and initially presents with chorea between ages 30 and 50 years, some patients do not have a typical presentation. Healthcare providers should know when to refer patients to neurology for testing for Huntington disease. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the earlier the patient and patient’s family can receive education about the expected disease trajectory. A multidisciplinary approach is required to mitigate symptoms as the disease progresses. Although no cure exists, ongoing research is targeting genotypic abnormalities in hopes of finding a permanent treatment for Huntington disease.

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