Epilepsy Series

This webinar series focuses on how as a PA you can positively impact the lives of your patients by increasing your knowledge of epilepsy. This series covers social determinants in epilepsy and understanding the intersection of epilepsy and psychiatric disorders. These topics focus on how to improve care and outcomes for all people living with epilepsy.


Social Determinants of Health in Epilepsy | 0.75 Credit 
The Intersection of Epilepsy and Psychiatric Disorders| 1.0 Credit 

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of these activities, participants should be able to:
  • Describe the social determinants of health framework
  • Define and distinguish between health disparities and health inequities
  • Identify the social determinants of health and disparities in epilepsy and epilepsy care
  • Identify strategies to address disparities in epilepsy and epilepsy care
  • Discuss the role of advocacy groups, healthcare systems, academic institutions, and community partnerships in eliminating disparities in epilepsy and epilepsy care
  • Review the epidemiology of psychiatric comorbidities in people with epilepsy
  • Provide an insight on the bidirectional relationship between epilepsy and some of the psychiatric disorders
  • Review the most important aspects of mood and anxiety disorders in epilepsy
  • Review the particular aspects of psychosis in epilepsy
  • Describe the temporal relation between psychiatric symptoms and seizures (pre-ictal, ictal, post-ictal) and their impact in the lives of patients
  • Outline other causes of psychiatric symptoms in epilepsy
  • Review multidisciplinary management strategies
  • Review resources available through the Epilepsy Foundation