We Are Family (Medicine) on Demand 2021

When it comes to family medicine CME, anytime and anywhere Family Medicine on Demand is for you!

Family Medicine on Demand 2021 includes recorded sessions from the 2021 We Are Family (Medicine) virtual conference that you can access online anytime. This video-based CME activity offers up to 36 credits of AAPA Category 1 CME on topics like ocular pathology, infectious diseases such as COVID-19, leadership roles, and more. It is ideal for those of all experience levels practicing in family medicine.

Family Medicine on Demand 2021 Sessions

Acute on Chronic Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction
Air Traffic Controller: Deprescribing to Avoid the Near Collisions of Too Many Medications
Behavior Change
Burnout: How We Got Here and How to Get Your Life Back
Chest Imaging Refresher
Common Ocular Pathologies: To Refer or Not to Refer…That is the Question
COPD Update 2021
Cutting Through the Hype: Cannabis in Clinical Practice
Demystifying Dermatologic Diagnoses in Primary Care
Getting to Yes: Practical Strategies for Navigating Immunization Decisions With Older Adults
Hormonal Contraception: More Than Just Pregnancy Prevention
Hypertension: What's Up Is Down
Leadership Roles in Primary Care: PAs and APRNs Can Do That
Legal Medicine: Avoidance of Lawsuits
Medication Considerations in the Preoperative Patient
Moving Toward Health Equity in Primary Care
Non-Pharmacologic Methods of Treating Chronic Pain
Oh Baby, New Baby! What to Look for in the First 4 Days of Life
Pharmacological Approaches to Treating Chronic Pain in the Primary Care Setting
Practical Psychiatry Tips for Primary Care Clinicians
Primary Care Point-of-Care Ultrasound
Reimbursement 101: What You Need to Know
Sexual History Taking Pro Tips: Who, What, and How!
That Doesn't Look Quite Right: Refining Your EKG Reading Skills
The Battle of the Bulge: Overweight, Obesity, and Adiposopathy
The Cardiorenal Syndrome and New Concepts in Preventing Diabetic Kidney Disease
The Future of Family Medicine in Covid-19 & Beyond
The Patient With Newly Diagnosed Diabetes: What Now?
The Virus of the Month: COVID, Flu, and Other Infectious Disease Hot Topics
To Treat or Take the Backseat: Management of Common Foot and Ankle Conditions
Updates in Patient Management of Common Infectious Diseases
Use of Telemedicine in Primary Care
What Does Fasting Blood Sugar and A1C Have to Do With Mood Disorders?
What's for Dinner? Nutrition and Exercise 101
Women's Health: Menopause
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