2021 Executive Leadership Tuesdays Webinar Series

What is 2021 Executive Leadership Tuesdays?     

 2021 Executive Leadership Tuesdays is a series of 5 webinars that will provide timely information to help you stay up-to-speed on the ever-changing healthcare environment and improve your healthcare leadership competencies. Experience the interactive webinars from the comfort of your home while engaging with expert faculty. The webinars will take place every other month starting in February and ending in October. You can then continue your learning by attending the 2021 Executive Leadership Conference from November 16 – 18, 2021 in San Diego, Calif.

We’ve specifically designed 2021 Executive Leadership Tuesdays for PAs and NPs who are clinical or administrative leaders or those who are considering transitioning into healthcare leadership. If that sounds like you, register today!

Registration includes access to all 5 webinars. During these webinars, you will have the opportunity to participate in interactive polling and Q&A with the speakers. Take a look at the schedule to see the topics and speakers for each of the webinars.

Not able to watch the webinars at the scheduled time? No problem! A recording of each webinar will be available once the scheduled session is over.

Missed a few webinars but still want to attend the rest? You can still register for the full series, and you will get access to the recordings for the webinars that have already occurred.

Schedule and Topics

Virtual Care in the COVID World and Beyond | February 9 
As COVID-19 has progressed, telemedicine has taken center stage. The patient journey in healthcare has historically been one of a relatively linear series of encounters, separated by place and time. As we look to our future, telemedicine and telehealth enable the ability for care and the patient journey to function in 3D, where components such as place and time are no longer barriers to the provision of care. Further, the skillset and training of PAs and NPs positions us incredibly well to serve patients in this evolving healthcare space. Opportunity abounds, as does risk, for the professions at this time. We must seize this critical moment in our healthcare history and reckon with the power and potential for telemedicine and telehealth to truly shift the care paradigm toward one that potentiates flexibility and fluidity in the patient journey and moves us closer to the lofty goals of the healthcare quadruple aim.

Trends in Reimbursement | April 13
Nearly every aspect of the healthcare reimbursement landscape is evolving. Emerging care models and a shift to value-based payment systems have begun to usher in a “new normal” for PAs, NPs, physicians, and other health professionals. Staying abreast of new reimbursement policies is essential to ensuring payment for services and avoiding concerns of fraud and abuse.

Data Minded: A Review of Advanced Practice Provider Quality Care | June 8
In this session, leaders will begin to understand the importance of demonstrating quality care delivered by their advanced practice providers (APPs). This session will discuss the data collection, evaluation, and reporting of quality care metrics for APPs.

Advanced Practice Provider Transition to Practice and Onboarding: New Opportunities and Innovation Fueled by Best Practices  | August 10
A comprehensive PA/NP transition to practice program is the foundation for clinical and professional growth, building a highly-functional, multi-professional healthcare team, and delivery of quality, patient-focused care. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all healthcare organizations and emphasized the importance and flexibility of the PA/NP workforce. As a result, PA/NP transition to practice has emerging challenges, demonstrating the value of foundational best practices and highlighting new opportunities both for onboarding and expanding the skillsets of practicing PAs/NPs. The lessons learned during this response challenge PA/NP leaders to create new strategies to impact and strengthen the future of PA/NP transition to practice.

Transitioning From Unofficial Leader to Titled Leader: What Do you Need to Know? | October 12
During this session, participants will gain knowledge on how to transition from an unofficial leader to an official leader. Topics discussed include the following: onboarding of new leaders, executive leadership buy-in process, leadership development, mentorship and feedback process, and competency development.

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