PAIN COACH—Pain Assessments and INterventions to Consider in Older Adult Care for Healthcare Providers

These podcasts are designed to provide effective, evidence-based strategies to reduce serious adverse outcomes resulting from inappropriate prescribing, misuse, and abuse of opioid analgesics, while managing chronic pain in older adults.

Podcast 1: Basics of Pain Management | 0.50 Credit
Podcast 2: Creating the Pain Treatment Plan | 0.50 Credit
Podcast 3: Managing Older Patients on Opioid Analgesics | 0.50 Credit
Podcast 4: Addiction Medicine: A Primer | 0.50 Credit

Learning Objectives
  • Discuss fundamental concepts of pain management, including definitions, and mechanisms of pain
  • Describe how to assess patients in pain 
  • Identify risk factors for abuse and addiction
  • Describe the range of therapeutic options for managing pain, including nonpharmacologic approaches and pharmacologic (non-opioid and opioid analgesics) therapies
  • Integrate opioid analgesics into a pain treatment plan individualized to the needs of the patient
  • Discuss how to safely and effectively manage patients on opioid analgesics in the acute and chronic pain settings, including initiating therapy, titrating, and discontinuing use of opioid analgesics
  • Describe how to counsel patients and caregivers about the safe use of opioid analgesics, including proper storage and disposal
  • Relate how to counsel patients and caregivers about the use of naloxone for opioid overdose
  • Discuss when referral to a pain specialist is appropriate
  • Describe the fundamental elements of addiction medicine
  • Identify patients with opioid use disorder
  • Manage patients with opioid use disorder

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