PAIN COACH—Pain Assessments and INterventions to Consider in Older Adult Care for Healthcare Providers

By listening to these podcasts, you can learn how to reduce serious adverse outcomes resulting from inappropriate prescribing, misuse, and abuse of opioid analgesics, while managing chronic pain in older adults. 

Podcast 1: Basics of Pain Management | 0.50 Credit
Podcast 2: Creating the Pain Treatment Plan | 0.50 Credit
Podcast 3: Managing Older Patients on Opioid Analgesics | 0.50 Credit
Podcast 4: Addiction Medicine: A Primer | 0.50 Credit

Learning Objectives
  • Discuss fundamental concepts of pain management, including definitions, and mechanisms of pain
  • Describe how to assess patients in pain Identify risk factors for abuse and addiction
  • Describe the range of therapeutic options for managing pain, including nonpharmacologic approaches and pharmacologic (non-opioid and opioid analgesics) therapies
  • Integrate opioid analgesics into a pain treatment plan individualized to the needs of the patient
  • Discuss how to safely and effectively manage patients on opioid analgesics in the acute and chronic pain settings, including initiating therapy, titrating, and discontinuing use of opioid analgesics
  • Describe how to counsel patients and caregivers about the safe use of opioid analgesics, including proper storage and disposal
  • Relate how to counsel patients and caregivers about the use of naloxone for opioid overdose
  • Discuss when referral to a pain specialist is appropriate
  • Describe the fundamental elements of addiction medicine
  • Identify patients with opioid use disorder
  • Manage patients with opioid use disorder

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