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New: Seizure First Aid Certification — You can now be certified in Seizure First Aid!

About the Training

Seizure Recognition and First Aid Certification is a formal training offered by the Epilepsy Foundation that teaches participants:
  • How to recognize signs of a seizure
  • How to respond with proper seizure first aid
  • When to call for help

Who should be Seizure First Aid Certified?
While everyone should know basic seizure first aid, becoming Seizure First Aid Certified takes you further. You will learn how to recognize signs of a seizure and how to use the basic first aid steps in different settings, for different seizure types and when medical help may be needed.

Seizure First Aid Certification is designed for people who:
  • Have a family member, loved one, or friend with seizures.
  • Have a job where you provide care for people with seizures.
  • Have a job where you work with the public or work with someone who has seizures.
  • Coach or lead groups.
  • Work, play or live in areas or settings where seizures could occur.
How can I become Seizure First Aid Certified?

Seizure First Aid Certification Training is offered online with instructor-led webinars. It will also be available through in-person trainings with your local Epilepsy Foundation

Course Description
The Seizure Recognition and First Aid Training certification program provides information and skills to recognize seizures and safely help someone during a seizure. The first aid procedures in the guide reflect the standard of knowledge and current best practices. This information is presented in a format suited for direct training of the public. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a two-year certification.

Course Objectives
Participants will be able to meet the following learning objectives:
  • Define seizures and epilepsy
  • Identify correct and incorrect steps for helping a person having a seizure
  • Identify when you should call emergency help (911) in the event of a seizure
  • Increase confidence to help a person during a seizure

To take an online class:
  • Each participant must pre-register for the live training. 
  • Complete a pre-assessment prior to the training.
  • Attend the live 75 minutes training.
  • Complete post-assessment after the training. 
  • Retrieve certificate of completion after passing post-assessment. 
  • Certification is valid for two years.

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