JAAPA CME Post-Test September 2020

Identifying and Managing Bronchiolitis
Bronchiolitis is a common viral illness that affects the lower respiratory tract of infants and young children. The disease is characterized by wheezing and increased mucus production and can range from mild to severe in terms of respiratory distress. This activity reviews the epidemiology, clinical presentation, and treatment of bronchiolitis.

Infectious Disease Considerations in Immunocompromised Patients
Immunocompromised patients account for about 3% of the US population. Complications arising from infection are common in these patients and can present diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. This activity describes the pathophysiology of immunosuppression in five common immunocompromised states—asplenia, HIV infection, solid organ transplant, biologic use, and cancer—as well as specific infectious risks and considerations for affected patients and how to manage them.

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