Satellite Symposium 2020: Diagnosing and Managing Primary Headache Disorders in the Primary Care Setting: Challenges and Opportunities

This case-based activity covers the treatment and management of patients with headache disorders, including migraine, and cluster headaches.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this activity, participants should be able to:
  • Implement best practices for the timely and accurate diagnosis of primary headache disorders in primary care settings and for referral to specialists when necessary
  • Identify the mechanisms of action and clinical profiles of new and emerging therapeutic options for the acute and preventative treatment of patients with primary headache disorders
  • Design individualized evidence-based treatment plans for patients with primary headache disorders, with focus on cluster headache, in the primary care setting
  • Use patient-specific factors to select therapies for patients with primary headache disorders, including QOL assessment and goal setting
  • Implement strategies to effectively communicate with patients and educate them in order to establish treatment plans and encourage adherence