JAAPA CME Post-Test April 2020

A Review of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) describes a group of heritable disorders of connective tissue comprising mutations in the genes involved in the structure and/or biosynthesis of collagen. Thirteen EDS subtypes are recognized, with a wide degree of symptom overlap among subtypes and with other connective tissue disorders. The clinical hallmarks of EDS are tissue fragility, joint hypermobility, and skin hyperextensibility. Appropriate diagnosis of EDS is important for correct multidisciplinary management and is associated with better clinical outcomes for patients.

Postpartum Hemorrhage
Postpartum hemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal morbidity and mortality worldwide, and incidence in the United States, although lower than in some resource-limited countries, remains high. Women of color are at a disproportionate risk of developing a life-threatening postpartum hemorrhage. Risk assessment tools are available but because they lack specificity and sensitivity, all pregnant women are considered at risk. Early identification of and intervention in a hemorrhage requires an interdisciplinary team approach to care and can save the lives of thousands of women each year.

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