ENT for the PA-C 2019: From Burnout to Well-Being: Awareness, Accountability, and Action

This activity explores the signs of burnout among clinicians, and address the means to prevent and/or transform practice toward integration.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to: 
  • Gain awareness about triggers, factors, signs and symptoms of “burnout” : what you are “not” seeing and doing to protect you from high degree of burnout 
  • Accept personal responsibility and commit to possible actions to move from “burnout” to well-being as a professional “healer” of others 
  • Identify what it will take for personal commitment and future actions that will transform daily experience from “surviving” work life to “thriving” and live your best life : an integrated work-life existence
  • Have an awareness and identify the signs of provider burnout in yourself and others who work with you
  • Develop strategies to prevent and manage provider burnout
  • Identifying local resources in your community to assist in the above efforts

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