JAAPA CME Post-Test Decemeber 2019

Evaluating Low Back Pain in Adolescents
Low back pain in adolescents is a common complaint in primary care. With an average prevalence rate of 40%, adolescent low back pain correlates with greater healthcare use, higher incidences of adult back pain, and negative effects on overall well-being. A thorough history and physical examination can increase early detection and accurate diagnosis while ensuring the judicious use of diagnostic modalities. Although underlying serious pathology is rare in adolescents with low back pain, clinicians should recognize specific signs and symptoms that necessitate urgent evaluation and intervention. This activity emphasizes the value of using a thorough history and physical examination to guide the initial diagnostic workup and to enhance the early detection and accurate diagnosis of adolescents who present with low back pain.

Cardiac Auscultation: Using Physiologic Maneuvers to Further Identify Heart Murmurs
Auscultation of heart sounds and murmurs often is taught in a simulated environment with optimal listening conditions. Clinicians’ auscultation skills can wither if they do not have contact with patients with valvular heart disease during clinical practice, or if they rely on handheld ultrasound devices or echocardiography. This activity reviews heart murmurs and how to use physiologic maneuvers during the cardiac examination to assist in identifying murmurs.

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