Breakthrough Seizures, Clusters and Emergencies: Can These Be Prevented or Stopped and How?

Breakthrough seizures and seizure clusters are a common problem for people with epilepsy. Left untreated, these can lead to seizure emergencies, one of the most common causes of death in people with epilepsy. Yet there is no consensus definition of breakthrough seizures or clusters, or common terms to describe these phenomena. New guidelines define convulsive status epilepticus more clearly and present an evidence-based treatment algorithm for children and adults. This activity addresses the latest best practices for recognizing and treating breakthrough seizures, clusters and seizure emergencies for advanced practice providers regardless of practice settings. Strategies to enhance dissemination and adoption of quality care and self-management approaches for seizure emergencies are also highlighted.

Educational Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:
  • Recognize status epilepticus, cluster seizures, and other potential seizure emergencies
  • Identify the seizure medications and steps recommended for managing status epilepticus and emerging therapies for cluster seizures
  • Implement seizure response plans in care of persons with seizures and epilepsy