Rheumatic Learning Series

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) are related disorders with distinct features. While there are underlying similarities between the 2 disorders, the immune processes and pathways differ slightly, which is important with regard to choice of appropriate therapies. Given the increased need for PAs and NPs to enter the shrinking rheumatology field (anticipated to shrink by one-quarter by 2030), the complex pathways associated with immunology and pathophysiology, the number of available agents to treat these disorders, and challenges associated with clinical decision-making, it is critical that PA/NPs be provided with more education on these disorders and their management. This activity includes patient videos, animations, and interactive elements for quick review by busy PAs and NPs.

Rheumatic Learning:
How can you help Andrea with her Psoriatic Arthritis | 0.50 Credit
How can you help Jeff with his Psoriatic Arthritis?| 0.50 Credit
Next Steps for Mrs. J's Early RA | 0.50 Credit
Next Steps for Mr. S's Established RA| 0.50 Credit
What are the Basics of Inflammation and MOA - Brief Animated Video Series | 0.25 Credit

Learning Objectives
  • Describe inflammatory pathways and how they contribute to the pathophysiology of RA and PsA
  • Choose appropriate therapy to manage the patient with RA and PsA

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