Empathetics: The Introduction to the Neuroscience and Practice of Empathy

Empathetics self-paced online courses are based on extensive and novel clinical research conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital. The courses provide insights into how humans process emotions and teaches practical attitudes and skills to improve interpersonal communications. Each course includes video with rich and interactive content.

This course is based on extensive clinical research and provides insights into how humans process emotions, plus teaches practical skills to improve interpersonal communications. The course introduces clinicians to the neuroscience and practice of empathy and emotions and teaches best empathy practices in a clinical setting. This course provides practical skills that clinicians can implement immediately.

Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:
  • Be able to describe immediate and long-term rationale for improving empathy in medicine
  • Explain how integrating empathy into medical practice leads to both increased patient satisfaction, job satisfaction, and reduced risk of malpractice
  • Identify practical and efficient ways to incorporate empathy into medical practice
  • Summarize the role of neurobiology and physiology in emotion and empathy

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