About Learning Central

This web portal is an innovative and unique destination designed to support PA lifelong learning and meet emerging needs for continuing professional development. Using this site PAs will be able to create a learning curriculum from a robust CME catalog, maintain documentation of all completed CME certificates, access timely practice resources, and find the latest solutions for certification maintenance. Features include:

CME Calendar

A searchable calendar of live, in person CME events including upcoming AAPA conferences, PANCE/PANRE review courses, and PA state and specialty organization meetings.

My Curriculum

Provides a full list of CME activities you have started but not finished. Have you found a CME activity you would like to participate in, but don't have time to complete it right away? Add that activity to "My Curriculum" for easy access in the future.

My Transcript

Provides an overview of all CME activities you have completed and the Category 1 CME credits earned. "My Transcript" also provides access to CME certificates for previously completed activities, and allows for uploading documentation for activities completed with other CME providers. Use "My Transcript" to keep track of all of your CME in one place and if you are audited you will have easy access to everything you need.

CME Tracking

Use this tool to customize a bar graph displaying CME credits earned over a set time period. Set the number of credits you need and your deadline and this tool will help keep you on track to meet your certification maintenance requirements.

CME Catalog

A robust catalog including JAAPA post-tests, Clinical Dialogue and eCase Challenge activities, specialty specific CME; plus, Self-Assessment and PI-CME. Search by keyword and use the filters to narrow your results to find the activity that meets your specific needs. Check back often as new activities are added frequently.

Recommended for You

Continuing professional development should be personalized to meet your individual needs. To help personalize your learning experience, we have developed a sophisticated recommendations engine that considers activities you have previously completed, your practice specialty, and your geographic location to make recommendations of activities that are relevant to your practice and specific educational needs.

Resource Library

A growing collection of practice resources, including guidelines, publications, web links, and patient education materials that compliment CME activities and help improve your practice.


  • PANCE/PANRE Review Resources

    A list of PANCE/PANRE review materials rated by your peers.
  • State Requirements

    A comprehensive listing of state-specific CME requirements. Find out if your state has specific CME requirements for licensure or licensure renewal.


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